And so it began..

From the honour of being chosen for the prestigious Topaz Championship to the events leading to it and following on, our small group of Hero’s and Friends had no idea that soon their very actions would start to have changes in the Empire.

It is the Year 1199

The Empress is sick, rumored to be on her deathbed by some. The Throne held by her brother as Regent, Otomo Yomoyasa

Outbreaks of dissent and plague start to affect the Empire, managed so far by the Clans who have fallen back to their usual stance of blaming each other for this outbreak.

The Shadowlands have for the last few years been mostly quiet, giving the Crab Clan some relief to deal with the food shortages that are plaguing their lands.

The spring rainy season have come early and brought abnormally heavy rains that persisted throughout the planting season and are almost certain to recur in the fall, causing widespread crop failure. After Initial appeals to the Imperial Treasurer, Seppun Ritisharu, for a temporary reduction in taxes are refused Delegations from the Crab and Dragon attempted to lobby the Empress directly, hoping the Daughter of Heaven will reconsider Ritisharu’s decision. The Regent so outraged that servants of the throne would dare ask the Daughter of Heaven to get by with less he levied punitive taxes on both clans. The costs of these additional taxes are too much for the Dragon Clan to absorb and many know the clan could suffer famine over the winter.

Legend of the Five Rings: New Journeys

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