The Unicorn

The Explorers

Sons and daughters of the Lady Shinjo, the most compassionate of the children of the Sun and Moon, the Unicorn Clan has long sought to find its place in an Empire that forgot about them during a long and difficult absence. Early in the existence of the Empire, when the first war with the dark god Fu Leng had been concluded, Lady Shinjo petitioned her brother the Emperor for the right to travel the world and discover other potential threats like Fu Leng. If the Empire was ignorant of such threats, she reasoned, it could not hope to stand against them. The Emperor reluctantly agreed, and Lady Shinjo and her followers departed from the Empire amid much fanfare and mourning. For more than seven centuries, the Unicorn wandered the world beyond Rokugan, encountering countless cultures and gaining many allies and enemies. When the clan finally returned to Rokugan, many doubted their identity, for most had assumed the followers of Lady Shinjo had been dead for centuries. In time, the Unicorn proved their identity through political favors and battlefield victories, and they were granted their position and their old lands.

The acceptance of the other Great Clans was not easily gained, however. It has only been through their tireless efforts in terrible battles such as those of the Destroyer War that the Unicorn have come to be accepted as equals. When the hordes of Kali-Ma threatened the Empire, the Unicorn rose to stand shoulder to shoulder with their brothers among the Crab and Lion, and together the three clans held the line until a solution could be found to the plague crippling the Empire. In the modern era, there are five families who serve the Unicorn:

  • The Moto rule the family and serve as the bulk of its armies.
  • The Shinjo are the scouts and tacticians who guide the clan’s armies to victory.
  • The Utaku are the most elite cavalry force in the Empire, feared by all.
  • The Iuchi master the many forms of magic the clan encountered while traveling.
  • The Ide represent the Unicorn’s interests in the various courts of Rokugan.

Like the Mantis, the Unicorn feel truly at home in the Colonies, which is both a frontier and yet part of the Empire that they call home. The difficulties in that distant land have affected the Unicorn perhaps more than most, for the violence among the lower castes and the large-scale riot that plagued their headquarters at Journey’s EndCity have been difficult losses from which to recover. Recover they have, however. Now, with the impending arrival of one of their most powerful members, the Shogun, the Unicorn hope to restore proper order to the Colonies and convince the other clans that the time for hostilities is past.

There are few more beloved figures in Rokugan than the Unicorn Clan Champion, Moto Naleesh. It is recognized throughout the Empire that Naleesh is the reincarnated soul of Shinjo, the Kami who fell from the Heavens with her siblings and who went on to form the Great Clans of Rokugan. Naleesh has long struggled with the legacy, and it is only when she feels the legendary compassion of her former life does she feel truly connected to the soul of the Kami she bears.

The Unicorn Daimyo in 1199

The Moto

Moto Naleesh, daimyo of the Moto family, Unicorn Clan Champion, and the reincarnation of the Soul of Shinjo – a fact which has earned her the title of The Living Goddess. She is stubborn and willful but also open and bright. She is a beacon of hope for her people and a strong ally to the other Clans. Naleesh was engaged to the Dragon Clan Champion, Mirumoto Shikei, but her unwillingness to leave her clan and Shikei his own led to an eventual failure of that arrangement. Her mother was the human/naga Akasha and her name is a naga word which means “little precious treasure.”

The Shinjo

Shinjo Min-Hee serves as daimyo for the Shinjo and Khan of the Unicorn Clan. She is considered quiet, dark, logical, and unemotional, but she implements those character traits to protect the best interests of her clan. Min-Hee was far from upset when the engagement between her Champion and the Dragon Champion occurred. She considers Shikei an oath-breaker and whimsical, unworthy of her Champion. She considers Shikei untrustworthy and chaotic, undeserving of her Champion. Min-Hee took part in the war against the Yodotai and beheaded their general, Legulus, herself.

The Utaku

Utaku Ji-Yun, daimyo of the Utaku, is a battle maiden and the former Emerald Champion. She is a paragon of Bushido and a remarkably talented warrior. Self-discipline, honor, and justice are the virtues she nurtures and protects at all costs. This makes her fierce on the battlefield and probably led her to be the unwitting architect of the Mantis-Crane war in the Colonies. After being wounded in the war against the Dark Naga, Ji-Yun married and retired from her position
as Emerald Champion to take up the mantle of daimyo

The Iuchi

Iuchi Ietsuna, daimyo of the Iuchi family, has been tested more than most. He is headstrong in his desire to help the Unicorn Clan achieve its goals and is willing to take risks, even if they appear shortsighted. Ietsuna is the child of a former Doomseeker, Iuchi Karasu and when he was sixteen years old he was trapped by a cult of Bloodspeakers in the Ruby of Iuchiban. His sister, Iuchi Yue, was the Ebon Daughter, a stain upon his family and the Unicorn. Ietsuna’s dark heritage and the twenty years he spent imprisoned without aging have made him wary of people and somewhat antisocial in nature. Though he was born in 1133, Ietsuna is only forty-seven years old because of his imprisonment. However, even he understands that he is losing touch with the modern era and has begun seeking a replacement.

The Ide

Ide Tobuko is the daimyo of the Ide family, the ambassadors and messengers of the Unicorn Clan. She is best known for her involvement in the Festival of the River of Stars, which reveals her tendency toward poetry and romanticism. Tobuko was one of the vocal proponents of the marriage between Mirumoto Shikei and Moto Naleesh and was profoundly disappointed by the ruination of that marriage arrangement. She has begun to redouble her efforts in aiding Moto Naleesh discover her true heritage as Shinjo Reborn and seeks constantly to find another suitable match for her lord.

The Unicorn

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