The Scorpion

The Underhand

Throughout history, few clans have been as reviled as the Scorpion Clan. Founded by the wily and manipulative Bayushi, the Scorpion’s Kami was tasked by the first Emperor to ensure that his clans never turned against him. Bayushi and his followers accomplished this most sacred task by providing the other clans with a villain they could despise, in order to ensure that they never turned their thoughts to claiming the throne for themselves. Toward this purpose, the Scorpion embraced all manner of tactics and customs considered disgraceful by the other clans, and were generally regarded as dishonorable in all cases. The one true virtue espoused by the Scorpion, however, was that of loyalty; just as the Scorpion were loyal to the throne, each individual samurai was undyingly loyal to his superiors. It was only through this method that the clan could survive.

The Scorpion have sacrificed a great deal in the fulfillment of their duties. The clan’s Champion succumbed to supernatural influences and assassinated the Emperor in an attempt to save the Empire, and the clan was disbanded for it, although later restored by a subsequent dynasty. They were later banished from the Empire for suspicion of complicity in the disappearance of another Emperor. Most recently, the clan’s homeland was the scene of the most fearsome and violent fighting during the final months of the Destroyer War, and not only were many provinces utterly razed, but a permanent portal to the Realm of Evil was torn open in their lands, requiring them to build many safeguards around it to ensure that the demons within could not escape. Despite these hardships, the clan’s loyalty has never wavered, and the current families in service to the Scorpion Clan include the following:

  • The Bayushi are the lords, the soldiers, and the courtiers of the clan.
  • The Shosuro are the scouts, assassins, and infiltrators of the clan.
  • The Soshi are the magistrates and one shugenja family in service of the Scorpion.
  • The Yogo are the inquisitors and the second shugenja family of the clan.

Little else delights the Scorpion Clan quite the way that discord does, and the past two years of upheaval and chaos in the Colonies has afforded them unprecedented opportunities to gain leverage on their enemies and to deceive their way into alliances with previously unfriendly rivals. Even now, with the chaos subsided, the continuing capriciousness of the Imperial Governor is very much to the Scorpion’s liking, and the rumors of the impending arrival of the Shogun, or even the eldest Imperial heir, have the entire clan conspiring for how to best exploit the situation.

A thin layer of the finest silk draped across a bloodied blade. That is the closest comparison to the sinister Bayushi Nitoshi, Scorpion Clan Champion, that any might ever truly come. Renowned in court for his handsomeness and his wit, Nitoshi has never married, and most who would seek his hand find themselves discouraged by the cold, dead quality found in his eyes.

The Daimyo of the Scorpion in 1199

The Bayushi

Bayushi Nitoshi, called the Poison Mask, is daimyo of the Bayushi family and the Scorpion Clan Champion. He is a graceful courtier and enthusiastic promoter of his clan’s virtues. He is also a cold, calculating man who possesses little empathy, often considered a sociopath to those who see the duality of his personality. Nitoshi
does not shrink from the duties that true loyalty to his Clan requires. He sees everything else as a mere distraction to life, unimportant to his reality.

The Shosuro

Shosuro Keiichi is the daimyo of the Shosuro, though few within the Scorpion Clan and nearly no one outside its social borders are aware of this fact. Shosuro Aroru, the aging ninja and a key advisor to Nitoshi, remains prominent while Keiichi slowly acclimates to authority. Keiichi possesses a deadly accuracy and impeccable
eyesight that has made him a master archer. He is capable of hitting a mark even in the comforting blanket of pure night. Aloof and silent in demeanor, to a fault, Keiichi knows that shinobi thrive on subtler forms of communication. A twitch of the lips, a sharp intake of breath, these things speak more loudly than the most vocal boast.

The Soshi

Soshi Kitaiko, daimyo of the Soshi, daughter of one of the triplets who previously ruled the clan. As per tradition, she is an air shugenja who thrives on trickery and deception, particularly with regards to her personality and reputation. She delights in the inaccurate gossip that her deliberate lies generate and has taken a particular liking to Isawa Tsumaro, the Master of Air. Kitaiko has a sister who remains her closest confidant in all decisions.

The Yogo

Yogo Amika, daughter of Yogo Rieko, is the newest daimyo of the Yogo family. Though she inherited her mother’s penchant for rooting out and destroying maho at the sight of its dark influences, Amika has developed a strange fascination with the side effects blood magic has on the body and mind of a user. Amika’s knowledge is extensive leading to rumors that she may have experimented upon several maho-tsukai she has captured.

The Scorpion

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