The Lion Clan

The Warriors

For more than one thousand years, the Lion Clan has served as the Right Hand of the Emperor. They are the greatest military force in the known world, the sword that destroys all that threaten the Emperor or the Empire. In the eyes of many throughout the Empire, the Lion embody honor and tradition, for all the good and bad that such a description implies. Among the ranks of the Lion, four families work together as one to create an unstoppable military might.

  • The sons of Akodo produce the greatest officers and commanders in the Empire.
  • The daughters of Matsu supply the ranks of Rokugan’s most numerous armies.
  • The scions of Ikoma serve as scouts and diplomats who sing the clan’s praises.
  • The heirs of Kitsu commune with the sacred ancestors of the Lion for guidance.

The path of the Lion has not been an easy one, however. A rapid succession of wars, culminating in the devastation of the Destroyer War, greatly depleted even the vast ranks of the four Lion armies, ultimately causing them to be combined into three. Even worse, the clan’s holdings were laid to waste by plague and the hungry dead that the supernatural plague produced, leaving them nearly unable to feed those Lion who remained alive. It was a time of misery and suffering, but over the course of two decades, the clan has worked tirelessly to rebuild, and now the Lion stand strong once more.

The Empire has enjoyed a generation of relative peace, all save the Lion. Not because they have known war, but because they have not enjoyed peace by any means. The Lion are warriors, and it is war that they crave. The brief conflict with the Crab and the small-scale battle with the Yodotai exiles north of the Colonies have only whetted the Lion’s appetite for battle. They crave more, and they are eager to find a way to achieve that which they seek. The first clan to draw the ire of the Lion will be a clan that deeply regrets their actions.

The Lion Clan Champion, Akodo Dairuko, the Steel Lion, recently traveled to the Colonies. One of the first ‘proper’ Champions to do this, Dairuko traveled there to deal with the threat of a potential invasion by the Yodotai Empire. Fortunately, the culprits proved to be a splinter group, easily eradicated by cooperation between the Lion and the Unicorn. Having completed her endeavors in the Colonies, the Lion Champion prepares to return to the Empire, but will not find things exactly as she left them.

The Daimyo of the Lion in 1199

The Akodo

Akodo Dairuko, a tactician known as the Steel Lion, is the daimyo of the Akodo family. She is most famous for her crushing defeat of the Yodotai. The contemplative seriousness with which she performs her tasks, both as Champion and Akodo daimyo, has prematurely grayed her hair. But she maintains dignity and honor in all situations. Currently, Dairuko is with the Lion armies in the Colonies.

The Matsu

Matsu Chizuki, oldest daughter of Matsu Kenji and daimyo of her family, is a true fireball. Gifted with the innate ability to communicate with cats, Chizuki’s protector is a lion named Zaiko. The identity of her father is a taboo subject, particularly since it was once suggested that her mother had a tryst with Ikoma Otemi. Chizuki’s subsequent fountain of rage was quenched only after much blood had been spilled. Chizuki was just recently betrothed to a Crane named Daidoji Reiji during the Imperial Winter Court.

The Ikoma

Ikoma Hakige is the Ikoma daimyo, another paragon of Bushido. He is well known for his boorishness and eccentricity, but was instrumental in the upbringing of Iweko Seiken. He once swindled a Yasuki out of a shipment of ore after out drinking several Crab berserkers. Hakige maintains an unpleasant reputation of being unable to “play nice.” He does not go to many formal meetings outside of the Lion lands. To others, Hakige’s strange behavior is difficult to pin down, but anyone with a knowledge of history and the legends of the First Ikoma will realize quite quickly the emulation the Ikoma daimyo performs.

The Kitsu

Kitsu Miro, the new daimyo of the Kitsu family, serves both in Lion lands and abroad in the Colonies. She has proven herself a born leader in her position in the Second City and strives ever to maintain her Clan’s honor and traditions. Her wisdom comes from her ability to commune with her ancestors. This trait makes her a valuable advisor, but as the coronation of the new Emperor draws closer, it has also made her a beacon of sorts for the voices of the dead. More than ever, the ancestors of Yomi are reaching out as if trying to warn Miro of some dark fate and the Kitsu strains to listen.

The Lion Clan

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