The Dragon Clan

The Mystics

While the roles and the duties of the other Great Clans has always been relatively straightforward, the Dragon Clan has always been something of an enigma. Founded by the Kami Togashi, the most mysterious of the children of the Sun and Moon, the Dragon Clan was founded with the purpose to watch over the rest of the Empire, and watch they did. For more than one thousand years, the Dragon remained almost entirely apart from the other clans, engaging them in battle rarely and in court only slightly more frequently. Few could claim to understand the Dragon or their motivations, at least until the Clan War, when at last the Kami Togashi, still alive in spirit if not in flesh, led the early days of the campaign against Fu Leng, when the other clans were still at one another’s throats. The Dragon suffered significant losses during the Clan War, and even more in the years immediately following, but for the first time they truly gained the respect of the other clans.

Most other Great Clans suffered significantly during the Destroyer War a generation ago, but by the time that conflict erupted, the Dragon were already in a precarious position. A previous conflict, a diversion enacted by the Destroyers to confound the Empire known as the War of Dark Fire, laid waste to entire provinces of the Dragon lands, and the clan narrowly escaped destruction. By the time the Destroyer War proper had concluded, the Dragon were in the early stages of recovery, and as such were appointed by the Divine Empress as responsible for overseeing the activities of the newly created Spider Clan. Four families serve the clan in the fulfillment of this and other duties:

  • The Mirumoto are the lords of the clan and the practitioners of the two-blade style.
  • The Kitsuki represent the clan in court and serve as its magistrates.
  • The monks of the Togashi order are the sensei and philosophers of the clan.
  • The Tamori serve as priests of the kami and guide the clan’s spirit.

The Dragon are the uneasy stewards of the Spider Clan, having been entrusted with their supervision by the Divine Empress upon the eve of the Spider’s creation. It is only just, the Dragon reckon, for the Empress was once one of them. Who else could she entrust with such a task? It has not been a simple matter, however, and in the face of growing evidence that the Spider are responsible for highly questionable things, the Dragon must accept that their charges may have deceived them, and in doing so dishonored them by association. It is not a fate that the Dragon will accept softly.

There are few men in the Empire stranger than the Dragon Clan Champion, Mirumoto Shikei. Jointly trained by the Mirumoto and Togashi, the man called the Laughing Dragon is one of the most well-known and oft-reviled men in Rokugan. His failed engagement to the Unicorn Clan Champion has caused many to look upon him with great resentment, but Shikei understands that fate has something grand in store for him and his clan. He simply does not yet know what it will be.

The Daimyo of the Dragon in 1199

The Mirumoto

Mirumoto Shikei, Champion of the Dragon Clan, also known as the Laughing Dragon, is a complex man. A warrior of the Mirumoto Family, he also bears the tattoos of the Togashi order, and one of the rare Rokugani individual with naga ancestry. While his genial behavior has won him many friends, he lost the respect of many Unicorn samurai after canceling his betrothal to their Champion for mysterious reasons

The Kitsuki

Kitsuki Itsuma, son of Kitsuki Berii, Itsuma forged a reputation for himself working as an Emerald Magistrate, before he acceded to the position of daimyo. A strong adherent of the Kitsuki method, Itsuma trusts what he can see and experience for himself, but little else. His dry wit and sarcasm has made him popular with his Clans and younger courtiers, but less so with the older generations of other Clans.

The Dragon Clan

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